Jenny & David

I have the best j-o-b. I get to be around people at one of the happiest times of their lives. Taking part in the commemoration of the commitment to one another through jewelry is an honor and joy for me.

I first met Jenny when she was still living in New York. I still remember the first time I met her and immediately feeling her genuineness.

When she emailed and said she was moving to LA I was thrilled to be able to see her more often. We would meet for Korean BBQ to discuss adjusting to LA. Jenny would tell me about the new and old friends she was connecting with. I am notoriously terrible with names so I would make up nicknames for everyone and it turned into a secret code between Jenny and I.

I remember when things got serious with David because he went from his nickname which we will not publish here to "David" - which also happens to be my beloved husband's name. I jokingly said "watch out for those Davids!"

I was honored to design a custom engagement ring for Jenny and also the wedding bands for the couple. Jenny and David decided on an intimate ceremony at the Beverly Hills Courthouse and an intimate dinner with 20 guests in Jenny's backyard. Catching David gaze at Jenny so in-love makes my heart flutter and brings tears to my eyes. 

All of the details of the ceremony and wedding could not be more perfect. From Jenny's Phobe-era Celine dress to the delicious reception by Lori Stern where we indulged in flower-pressed tortillas and edible perfumed cocktails. I hope you are inspired by these photos captured by another dear friend of mine Jeana Sohn.