Jessica and David

Jessica and David hold a special place in my heart. Jessica is as pretty on the inside as out. She is one of those rare genuine gems. David knows this and can't hide his adoration for Jessica.  

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After we had started production on Jessica's ring David reached out to me with a special request to complete the ring within the next few days - when we were still about 4 weeks from completion - in order to meet a special date. And we did. We rearranged our production schedule in hopes that Jessica's ill father would get a chance to see the ring. 

The next time I saw Jessica was in my design studio after the proposal. David was now her proud fiancé and she was very busy with wedding planning but there was also a deep ache and guilt. Her father had passed. Losing a parent - it's one of those things that you just don't understand unless you've been through it.

Jessica and I sat in my studio - not stacking rings but wiping away tears as we found comfort and strength in each other's stories of loss.

As I often do when I know the wedding date of my custom couples, I stalked Instagram in hopes to find photos of Jessica smiling on her big day. 

Dear Jessica and David,

Jessica - I hope you will continue to laugh and live fully.
David - I hope that you will continue to move mountains for your beautiful bride.
Thank you for letting me share in your journey!

With love,