Steph and Mark

My first call with Mark felt like a job interview. He told me the story of his 9-year history with Stephanie and I told him mine.
The call was followed up with a power point presentation titled "The Engagement of Stephanie and Mark" created by one of Stephanie's best friends. I was listed as one of the three designers on "the list." My favorite slide was the last titled .. "HELL NO!" and had photos of rings that you may find at your local mall.


When I think of Steph and Mark this is what I picture... Steph laughing with a beautiful contagious smile and Mark, a barefoot pony-tailed genius, looking over at Steph wondering what it is that she finds so funny.


Mark first saw Steph on a fraternity/sorority bus. The proposal involved another bus ride that recounted the couples' history. At the end of the bus ride was Mark who held up a sign #invitemetoourwedding - a play on a tradition Steph started of posting a fun #inviteustoyourwedding instagram at the end of friends' weddings.


Even before Steph could say yes Mark said "you know who designed this ring, right?"


When they came to LA to pick out their wedding bands they jokingly said I could come to the wedding if I was going to be in New York that weekend. Unfortunately, I was in LA the weekend of their nuptials but I stalked their Instagram feeds for a glimpse into the year's best celebration.


Their wedding bands are engraved "Head in the Sky" and "Feet on the Ground". So fitting of these two love birds.


Dear Steph and Mark,

Steph - I hope you will never lose that beautiful smile.

Mark - I hope you will forever gaze at Steph's beautiful smile. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey!